Green Dragon Bus

Green Dragon Accessible Car

Do you need an accessible car for to help someone in a wheelchair get to an appointment or get out to meet friends?  Would a 7 seater vehicle that also has space for someone in a wheelchair or loads of luggage room? 

Why not hire Green Dragons 7 seat Peugeot Expert Tepee, with 7 adult-sized seats plus wheelchair space.  The wheelchair is easily accommodated and the user can either stay seated in the wheelchair or move to a car seat.  This car also has extra hand grabs and twisty seat toppers to help people get in and out easier.

Here’s what people have to say about the service:

I am in  wheelchair and my mum came to stay so I hired the accessible car and asked a friend to drive. We visited many places I hadn’t been able to get to for ages and mum had a brilliant holiday.  It was so easy to hire and the cost was excellent. 

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, YsgolBro Preseli hired the car to help take their gold participants to the Isle of Mull earlier in the year.  They fitted most of  the luggage for 15 people in the car and then it was used to get around the Island.  It was very comfortable to travel in and drive all that way to Scotland and as the car is smaller than a minibus was easier to use around the Island where roads can be challenging!

          I hired the Peugeot to take my brother to hospital appointments as he didn’t like travelling in hospital transport.  Using the car was so easy and    much more comfortable for him.  It was easy to load him in seated in his wheelchair with a very helpful hoist and very easy to use wheelchair restraints to keep him safe.  The cost was extremely good and included all the fuel and insurance.  We even used the car when my brother passed away to get his sister (also in a wheelchair) to his funeral.  It made the whole experience much easier for both her and the family.

          My friends came to stay and we all wanted to go to the beach in one car together.  We loaded all the gear for a family day on the beach into the car – buckets, spades, deckchairs, picnic, kids bikes, etc. etc. and 7 of us and had a fantastic day at the seaside.  The car was really easy to clean out after too – well we did have to remove half the beach from inside!!




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